No menu option to start in full-screen mode

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No menu option to start in full-screen mode

Post by kortsen »

I am using 1.70 on Kubuntu Feisty. I would like XnView to start in full screen mode by default. I found Windows screenshots that show this in the Options menu, but I don't get that choice when I go to Options. I would be willing to edit the "ini" file if I knew what to do. I found .xnviewrc in my home folder and looked through it, hoping to find something like "Start.FullScreen = False" but the most hopeful lines i found were

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Start.X = -1
Start.Y = -1
Start.Width = -1
Start.Height = -1
Suggestions please? (Other than Wine)
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Post by marsh »

Its viewer can be launched from a file manager (like Konqueror) with switch: xnview -full
I don't know that there are any 'ini' configurations which are not already found in options.
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Post by rauwitt »

The option "view full screen" is part of my configuration-files at: ... tent=69981