Another Silly Wine-o Inquiry

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Another Silly Wine-o Inquiry

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hi. i realize that the most excellent XnView 1.9x (latest version at time of post) is not yet available for, and not designed to be used in the Linux environment. I realize that the XnView developers will consider the possibilities of their extraordinary software for use in non-Windows systems just as soon as they are satisfied with their current work. I want to be clear about affinity for the product, and my sentiment about its perfection.

I have yet to use an XnView software (Linux or Windows platform) which i found not to live up to its claims. I must admit that I prefer XnView Linux (v 1.7) to the Linux-native image viewers because of its extensive image-format support, including PSD and PDF, in addition to its ability to save in ICO and GIF formats, and the PNG alpha-channel support is excellent-- however, i do often prefer to use XnView 1.9x (a Windows-only version) on Linux-- run under "WinE"** because the Browser includes a "Favourites" feature, and offers many other nice luxuries for the user-- yet unavailable in the XnView app designed for the Linux O/S.

It is unfortunate, however, that I have encountered a problem with v.1.9x under WinE. i've tried tweaking the Options in as many ways as i've had the urge to do so-- and i've not had any success in regaining a preferred setting. Please view the screencap to better understand my plight.

I appreciate any suggestions you might have. Fortunately, v.1.8x (also a Windows-only version) is fully operational, and offers many of the 1.9 features, but i'd like to fix this problem.


WinE is a free "Windows Emulator" software distributed w/ Fedora (and many other Linux distros). for more info
Have a go at these texts featuring graphics and imaging, please.
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Post by Olive »

Hi, are you having this only with .psd files?