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Re: XnView Pocket v1.51

Post by freekgubbels »

Sorry, now only i see that for Smartphone it is version 1.10.
So this 1.51 will not work on my phone.
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Re: XnView Pocket v1.51

Post by xnview »

freekgubbels wrote: I run 1.10 but since today the application crashes and doenst show the photos. Probably the new version will resolve these problems.
Youhave a crash at the startup?
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Re: XnView Pocket v1.51

Post by SergeiAlekseev »

Did you aware that XnView Pocket 1.51 is a glitch? :D For many years.
1)Tools>Adjust doesn't save image. Always "Problem to save the file!". Other tools save file w/o error.
2)Toolbar button "Fullscreen" in image view mode doesn't switch to fullscreen. Showing browser for half second and make nothing.
3)Toolbar button "Information" in image view mode always grayed and produce "disabled" sound only.
4)Buttons mapping doesn\t work properly. I can map some buttons in options (Record for exam.) but system action start when view image.
5)Tap and slide doesn't work in image view mode (non fullscreen).
ASUS p535 WM6. I like my old device :mrgreen: