Original size and automatic rotation

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Original size and automatic rotation

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First of all thanks for the great program!
Now a question:Why it's not possible to use original size and automatic rotation at once? Fit to window and automatic rotation work fine (image is rotated to fit the screen) but if I zoom it (I assign zoom to buttons) it seems to be in poor resolution. Original size and automatic rotation is good for zoom (I see more details) but images are not rotated to fit to window. Any recommendation?
And some remarks, but I can live with them :D
It wold be nice not to use default busy cursor in full screen mode. Please allow to use no cursor, or a progress bar. It's very strange to look windows mobile 5 circle in the center of the old image, when waiting for the new. It's better to continue seeing the old image until the new one is loaded.
If I change display orientation without restart of XnView, it seems to don't notice it as was written here