small problems after dialog Face tag...

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small problems after dialog Face tag...

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Hello Pierre,

congratulation to the major version of XnViewMP 1.0 and thanks for your great work.

But sorry, I have a small problem with this version.

I have an *.jpg image that does not contain any xmp-metadata.
Info area shows the tabs: properties, histogram, EXIF and Exiftool (which is is selected)
In browser-view I select the image and with menu I open Face Tag...
This dialog shows 3 faces; I delete 2 , enter a name for the remaining one and click write and afterwards close the dialog.
In info area tab XMP appears and shows the newly introduced face-area, also Exiftool shows this area.

BUT when I select tab EXIF it is displayed empty.
Now I double click on the thumbnail of the selected *.jpg image and a new tab with this image is opened.
But although menu "Show Face areas" is checked, I do not see any (green squares of) face areas.

After selecting another thumbnail and going back to my *.jpg image, EXIF tab is displayed with values and double clicking on the thumbnail opens a tab showing the image and also showing th face-areas properly.

I suggest, that after writing the face area the stored info of the image should be updated.

By the way: Please make menu entry "Face tag..." translatable.

Thanks in advance.
Best regards
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Re: small problems after dialog Face tag...

Post by xnview »

:bugconfirmed: Thanks to your detailed description I can reproduce the problem.